Did you know that when you give to the church operating budget, you are giving to many different ministries of the church? When you give a regular contribution, you are supporting the staff, who aid all the ministries of the church, such as the nursery, children’s ministry, youth ministry, and university ministries? The staff also supports the benevolence ministry, music ministry, facilities upkeep, and worship ministries. Regular contributions directly support the budgets of all the above ministries, including benevolence. The food vouchers and pantry items are all covered by the operating budget. The budget also supports our efforts to feed the hungry for Fiesta Domingo. Building maintenance is also part of the operating budget. Operating costs such as air conditioning and electricity are covered by the operating budget, as well as everything needed to run the church office. All the music expenses are covered by the budget, such as scholarship students, sheet music, and tuning the organ and pianos. When you give to the operating budget, you are helping many people and many ministries. Thank you for all your contributions, not only monetary donations, but with your prayers and support and your time. You are appreciated!