Join us for Wonderful Wednesdays beginning today, September 19!

Based on the Greatest Commandments: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Evening Schedule:
5:30-6:00  – Brown bag supper and fellowship
6:00-6:30  – Love God Prayer and Meditation Experience
6:30-7:30  – Love Neighbor and Love Self Classes

Classes will last six weeks and are described below.
Children, youth, and university ministries have activities as well!
Childcare will be provided.

Led by Tom Simmons, this will be a time of learning and experiencing different forms of prayer and meditation from various spiritual traditions.

Led by Emilee Bounds, this class will be engaging in intentional conversations around what it means to be a St. Johner, explore tools on how to build a relational culture in our congregation, discuss qualities of a leader, and begin to understand the pressures facing our families. The purpose of this class will be to deepen relationships across the congregation, develop our people, and to strengthen the institution.

Led by Daniel Echols, this class will look at the spiritual and relational healing that is possible for each of us through the 12 Steps and rigorous honesty, willingness, and open mindedness.  Not just for established addictions, everyone can experience a hunger for healing of fears, selfishness, resentments, and regrets. Everyone can experience new life in God. Our book for discussion will be Hunger for Healing by J. Keith Miller. Daniel will have some copies to purchase for $10 on September 19, or you can get one on your own.

Children’s ministries (on the dates below) will be meeting in the garden room or outside (dependent on weather and light) to play group building games, learn about the bible through children specific videos, and be in fellowship with one another!

September 26 – Group building and games in the garden room
October 10 – Movie night and biblical conversation!
October 17 – Group building and games in the garden room
October 24 – Movie Night and biblical conversation!

Youth will alternate Study Nights and Fellowship Nights.

University Ministries will be “Living the Questions” on Wednesday the 19 and October 3!  There will be a Movie Night on October 17.  On the Wednesdays that LtQ’s aren’t in session, university students are encouraged to join the conversation and fellowship!

See you each Wednesday!