Dear St. John’s family,


During our service of worship on Sunday, January 27, we blessed and commissioned our 2019 officers and leaders. While these church leaders stood before the congregation, I expressed gratitude for the stability and strength they would provide to St. John’s as we navigate the changes and uncertainties that may follow from the decisions made at the special called 2019 General Conference, which will convene in St. Louis in February. My reference to the upcoming called General Conference prompted subsequent conversations that have helped me realize that our members are not equally aware of the purpose or ramifications of this very important global gathering of the United Methodist Church.


I want to offer a starting point for anyone who wants to better understand this historic moment and the 2019 General Conference. The link below will take you to an article about the special session of the General Conference. The links inside the article can further illuminate the significance of the conference. This is not all that we will do to make information available, but it is a very good step for everyone who wants stay well-informed.


Here’s the link to the article:


Additionally, if you are not already a member of St. John’s Connex, our members-only private Facebook group, I encourage you to join the group. This group page is a safe and primary vehicle for communication among St. John’s members. It will also be the means by which most of our posts about and from the General Conference will be available. (The Youngs and the Akins are attending the General Conference.)


Here’s a link to St. John’s Connex:


We have not yet finalized other plans for communicating with our church family about the 2019 General Conference, but I hope you’ll find these first resources helpful. Also, stay posted for announcements from Kyle Collins, our Director of Communications, about in-house live streaming of the General Conference sessions for those who want to be together at the church to watch history unfold.


That’s all for now.


Grace and peace,