We are deeply saddened by the results of the Special Session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church. We firmly believe in and affirm the sacred worth of all of God’s children of all gender identities and sexual-orientations.

St. John’s United Methodist Church affiliated with the Reconciling Ministries Network in 1998, pledging to “advocate for changes in our denominational policy that lead to a fully just and fully inclusive global connection” and to a fully just and inclusive world. We will continue to be guided by that vision and work for its fulfillment.

To all LGBTQIA+ persons we say, “no matter what the Church has ever said to you, you are loved by God. You are loved by St. John’s United Methodist Church, its clergy, staff, and membership. We will continue to stand with you and for you until all discrimination, injustice, and harm against you is ended.”

May the peace of Christ be with you.