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My Thoughts on the Coronavirus Pandemic (A Perspective Blog from one of our Youth, Dylan Boyd)

Quarantine has been nothing short of a trying time for everyone. Feelings of stress and anxiety are very prominent right now for me, and I’m sure for many others. The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all of our lives, some greater than others, but we have still all

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Student Ministries Needs during Covid-19 Quarantine Survey

Hi, all! Student Ministries is still working hard to find ways to be in contact and in community with all of our students during this time. We have already begun different ways of doing so in this time, but we are wondering if there is anything that you might be

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Bible Lesson Resources

In this post you will find some resources for Bible Lessons.  Please click on the hyperlink below to follow it to the mentioned resource's website. Illustrated Ministry is offering free and downloadable resources in this time.  Sign up here.  Free Church Lessons, Bulletins, & Activity Sheets from Children's Worship Bulletins 

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