? There is a class for everyone at St. John’s. All classes enthusiastically welcome guests and new members.

Aldersgate (Room 122) offers a discussion format, using a variety of resources including video series and book studies to gain new insights into spiritual growth, theology, current Biblical scholarship and Bible studies, and contemporary social issues which may be controversial. Outreach projectsinclude the Heifer Project, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Family Promise, Shared Giving (apportionments), and Vacation Bible School. Participants of any age who like open discussion on interesting and challenging topics are welcome. This class is currently meeting in-person. Please contact the church office to get involved.

Animus ? Koinonia (Room 227) members gather to gain a better understanding ofspiritual teachings and how to incorporate those lessons into everyday life. This class usually does book studies covering a variety of topics, witha focus on contemporary issues. It is a safe place for members to share, learn, laugh and support one another. Each member is encouraged to join inthe rotation of teaching duties and class leadership. Class membership includes singles and couples, with and without children. Adults of all ages are invited, and this class welcomes babies to attend with their parents. The class is currently meeting in-person in the backyard at St. John’s.

Shepherd (Room 116) is a group of all ages and backgrounds whose basic text is the Bible, whose primary rules are openness and respect, whose process is listening to one another, whose principle is to welcome all persons and ideas, whose learning approach is conversational, and whose final minutes invite input by all class members. This class is currently meeting in-person Sunday mornings.

Sine Nomine (Room 112) enjoys Bible study on a variety of current and historical issues. This group of 30-somethings to 70-somethings includes an assortment of inquisitive individuals willing to share their diverse opinions relating to difficult questions facing Christians today.This class is currently meeting online. Please contact the church office to get involved.