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We’re happy to have you visit and learn more about St. John’s! We see ourselves as a diverse group of people who come from different backgrounds, hometowns, experiences, education, and interests who have made the choice to become a family. Many of our members have felt rejected by their former churches or felt no other church aligned with who they are or what they believe. Many come to St. John’s and feel at home immediately because we get them, we see things the same way, and we care for people the way they do. One new member explained why she joined St. John’s:

“I knew I found the right church when I didn’t have to correct my child on the way home. That was my test. After I tried other churches, I had to tell my son “well we don’t believe that or treat people that way.” With St. John’s I didn’t have to make any corrections on the way home. Their beliefs reflect how I want to raise my son.”

We are a group of people with different stories, brought to St. John’s because it feels like home. A place where everyone knows your face, asks how life is, and are happy to see you. A place filled with precious friends, delicious food, and developing memories.

Others come to St. John’s for the music! We offer traditional, high church worship services that feature classical music and hymns, complete with a beautiful Holtkamp organ, a talented chancel choir, and handbells. St. John’s is full of musically inclined and talented members and staff, making it attractive to people who want to raise their children surrounded by music or who simply have a taste for excellence.

People attend and join St. John’s for a variety of reasons. What’s yours? We hope you explore who we are and what we’re all about. Maybe even watch us live online this Sunday. Check us out in person, we’ll have a parking spot saved for you, and we’d be glad to see your face and get to know your story. We’d love to have you join our family.

What We Believe

Besides God, above all, St. John’s believes in openness and understanding. We believe in treating all people with respect and kindness. When we mean “all”, we mean it. We are a reconciling congregation. What does that mean? Bluntly, St. John’s is gay friendly! And we are so happy about it! St. John’s became a reconciling congregation in 1998, and are still the only reconciled congregation in the Northwest Texas Conference. We welcome and accept you, no matter what!

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