Music & Meditation

Experience a contemplative worship service through short, Taizé-style song and moments of meditation.

Facilitated by Wesley Orr and Gail Randell.

You Too Are Theologian

Led by Rev. Kevin Young. Everyone has ideas about God, and our ideas about God influence the way that we understand our world, our history, and our future. Our ideas about God affect the ways that we relate to each other. They inform the decisions we make and the commitments we keep, even how we understand ourselves. Theology (theos, the divine, gods, goddesses, God; and logia, sayings, accounts, teachings, theories) is not only a formal pursuit for academics, it’s a practical matter of life and faith. Join us for You Too Are A Theologian as we think about our thinking about God.

If the Church Were Christian

Led by Rev. Bobby McMillian

In keeping with St. John’s motto of a few years back, “We are The Church That Asks Hard Questions”, Bobby McMillan will facilitate a 10 week pre-Lenten study, using the book, IF THE CHURCH WERE CHRISTIAN, by Philip Gulley, Quaker Pastor/ Theologian. Participants will consider possibilities such as:

  • “If the Church Were More Christian”……..
  • Jesus would be a Model for Living Rather Than an Object of Worship
  • Affirming Our Potential Would be More Important than Condemning our Brokenness
  • Reconciliation Would be Valued Over Judgment
  • Inviting Questions Would be Valued More than Supplying Answers
  • Meeting Needs Would Be More Important Than Maintaining Institutions
  • Peace Would be More Important than Power

Participants may want to purchase Gulley’s book, IF THE CHURCH WERE MORE CHRISTIAN, Consult his website, for a sample of his writing and to learn more about him. The book is available at or for purchase.

Game Central

Join us at game central! Age-appropriate games will be provided for both adults and kids. Bring a friend, play some board games and enjoy a fun night!

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