Why We’re Staying United Methodist.


For many years there has been division in the greater United Methodist Church. Amidst all of the division and chaos, some local congregations have decided to leave the denomination. St. John’s UMC, a reconciling congregation, is proud to remain in and be part of the United Methodist Church.

Active and retired clergy of the NWTX Conference of the UMC have teamed up with St. John’s to produce informational testimonials on the many reasons we are staying in the United Methodist Church. Dubbed “We Are The Church,” this online series aims to create a conversation in churches on both sides of the division.

Why are we staying United Methodist?


The United Methodist Church gave me a home in which to follow Jesus Christ. It’s my Spiritual home. I can be a Christian in the Baptist church or the Presbyterian church, but the United Methodist Church is my home.”

-Rev. Madoc Thomas

We Are The Church - Rev. Madoc Thomas
We Are The Church - Rev. Ann Akin

“A huge reason I chose United Methodism was because I felt like it was a real thing. It was real faith in the midst of real crisis. I love it [the United Methodist Church]. I love the community, I love the connectional system, and I love the people.”

-Rev. Ann Akin


I am free to be authentically who I am in the [United] Methodist Church. Why am I United Methodist? I have a goodly heritage. We all do.”

-Rev. Bobby McMillan

We Are The Church - Rev. Bobby McMillan
We Are The Church - Rev. Dave Treat


“I’ve been United Methodist all my life. It’s the church that nurtured me and cared for me. It’s the church that has helped me to grow into my own spirituality. It’s part of who I am.”

-Rev. Dave Treat


“Because we [the church] have this organizational community we can accomplish ministry on the other side of the world…Because of that, I’m proud to be part of an institution that is stronger than any one personality.”

-Dr. Don Holladay

We Are The Church - Dr. Don Holladay

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All Are Welcome Here.

St. John’s UMC voted in 1998 to partner with the Reconciling Ministries Network, becoming a reconciling congregation, affirming the sacred worth of all LGBTQIA+ individuals, and welcoming them into the full life of the church with open arms.