Take a look at the Wednesday night classes we are offering this semester. You can also register for your class by clicking on the button below. We are encouraging everyone to pre-register for classes.


Need to pay for a meal? Click the button below to get started!

Orders need to be placed no later that the Tuesday before each class. No late orders will be accepted.


Do I need to register for a class or can I just show up?

While we would never turn anyone away, we recommend registering ahead of time to allow our instructors to prepare adequately for their classes.

Are there any activities for children?

Absolutely! Children will be given the option to join and practice with our children’s chime music group, no previous experience required. Kids will also have fun in our game area, including brand new equipment.

What if I sign up for a class and miss a few weeks, will I be kicked out of the class?

Of course not! We’re glad to have you join us whenever is convenient for you.

I don’t like the restaurant that’s providing food this week, what do I do?

All of our Wednesday night activities are brown bag optional, meaning that you can bring in outside food and drink(non-alcoholic).

I have some other questions that are not listed on here.

That’s ok! Feel free to contact the church office at 806-762-0123 or email us at and we’ll help you out!